(plugin) - Download - Version: 1.0.120303 - Help

This plugin is for importing and exporting channel data. For camera data and other types of animations. The important thing is to have a plugin that can handle any type of channel order. Basically this plugin is just an item that can have any number of user channels. Each user channel will be exported/imported. Just wire up the data that needs to be exported/imported in the right order.
Presets for:
- Maya import and export for both camera and item
- Nuke import and export for both camera and item
- Houdini import and export for both camera and item


(assembly) - Download - Version: 1.01 - Play Video

A light rig assembly for Luxology modo.
- Bend
- Light Intensity
- Set the Color Temperatur in Kelvin
- Feather the Edges
- Dissolve (Change Opacity)
- Hide and Show for the Camera


(plugin) - Download - Version: 1.0.110506 - Play Video

This is a modo channel modifier plugin.
- Get the rotation values out of a matrix.
- Get the world rotation from a child-item.
- Change the rotation order without changing the orientation.


(article) - Read - Version: 1.0.110407

This article will show you how to setup and configure modo so you can work with the same configuration on several computers. It will also show how users can share configs, scripts and tools. This setup is designed to work for single users as well as at large studios. It will also allow you to maintain all your configurations when switching between modo versions.


(script) - Download - Version: 1.0.110307 - Play Video

A quick and easy way of previewing your Render Outputs in your modo Shader Tree. Just double klick on any Render Output item and have it popup in a preview window.


(script) - Download - Version: 1.0.110216 - Play Video

A modo script for separating geometry from the selected mesh items based on what material the polygones are having. The script goes thru the Shader Tree and you can separate on polygon tag typs, Part, Selection Set and Material.


(script) - Download - Version: 1.1.101220 - Play Video

This is a script for importing and exporting After Effects key frame data, designed for Luxology modo 501 and above. You can export your 3D camera to After Effects as well as any other 3D item. It will also import any position and rotation data from After Effects. It's Designed to work with After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5 and above.


(script) - Download - Version: 1.0.100127

Import and export channel data from nuke (.chan files). This allows modo to import and export animation data from any other app that can handle .chan files with Nuke. You'll also be able to get camera track from Nuke into modo.


(script) - Download - Version: 1.0.110212

Easy way to use selection sets as shader tree masks, a really powerful way of texturing in modo. Just select your polygones run the script, and a mask will be created in the shader tree.


(script) - Download - Version: 1.0.100808

The Item List will be your Batch Render List. Open all the scenes you want to render. Chose if you want to render to a Layered format or not. Then let the script render all the scenes for you. It will also output information from all the scenes and total time.


(material) - Download - Version: 1.01 - View

Animated Ocean material system. Just apply it to your ocean mesh and it will animated thru your timeline.


(script) - Download - Version: 1.0.021108

If you have more then one camera in your scene and would like to cycle thru them, this script i very useful. You can select specific cameras to render from, fire render or just cycle witch camera to render from.